Alfamart Warns Consumers Against Survey Scam

A new internet scam is circulating, in which an email or text message purporting to be from Alfamart offers gift cards for up to P7,000. All the victim has to do is complete a survey and register in order to “win” the prize.

Alfamart Philippines, on the other hand, categorically denies ever running such promotion and advises customers not to participate in the phony survey. According to Alfamart Philippines Merchandising and Marketing Manager Cecille Sy, “we have received reports from numerous worried customers that they have received internet links to an Alfamart survey and raffle.” “Please be aware that such a promotion does not exist, and that clicking on those links may expose you to a potential fraud in which your data or cash may be compromised,” she added.

The dubious link is spread to random people through email or text messages. The link is also not hosted on Alfamart’s official website yet it claims to be a survey promo for the “Alfamart 30th Anniversary Celebration” wherein P7,000 worth of Alfamart gift cards can be won.

Alfamart is currently investigating the source of the false promo. “We urge all our customers: please do not interact with any dubious links sent to you via email or SMS claiming to be Alfamart,” Sy said. She further clarified that all official Alfamart announcements and promos are only posted or sent by their official website and Facebook accounts, and, respectively.

“Our official in-store promos are running, and you can verify these on our website or on our social media pages,” said Sy. “We always have more in store for the communities we serve,” she concluded.

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