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Global Brand BB.Q Chicken Opens in BGC; Authentic K-Crunch is here!

For both Filipinos and Koreans, fried chicken is a go-to convenience food. People who like to watch Korean dramas online will probably notice that there are a lot of places to get fried chicken there. Their flagship brand, BB.Q Chicken, has finally arrived in the Philippines.

Jack Hyunsoo Noh, CEO of LCS Group Korea, the official partner of Genesis BB.Q Global, explains that the “BB.” in BB.Q stands for “Best of the Best Quality” chicken. Having debuted in 1995, the chicken chain today boasts over 3,500 locations in 57 different countries. Chicken is a popular food in Korea because there are so many different brands available. BB.Q is targeting customers in those areas by advertising its high-quality chicken.

The Korean company’s franchise model is the fastest growing in the world, with 1,000 locations opened in just four years. By consistently introducing new menu items and retail formats in response to consumer preferences and cultural shifts, it has risen to the top of the chicken industry in South Korea. Noh elaborates by saying they finally felt ready to launch the brand in the Philippines. As the largest market in Southeast Asia, we saw an opportunity to capitalize on the historic BB.Q successes in the Korean market and the tremendous expansion in North America by establishing a hub in the Philippines.

The use of olive oil in the frying process gives the chicken a great crisp while also making it a healthier option. Sauces of all kinds are used to cover the chicken, so it may be customized to each individual order. Honey Garlic, Hot Spicy, Soy Garlic, and Cheesling will all be offered to Filipino consumers. There’s also Gang-Jeong (a soy-based sauce with a cinnamon blend and chili garnish) and Gangnam Style for a more authentically Korean experience (a black pepper sauce balanced with garlic and onions). If you’re looking for the original fried chicken, you can’t go wrong with the Golden Original, Secret Sauce, or Spicy Golden Wings, and if you’re looking for something really spicy, try the Wings of Fire, which are billed as Korea’s spiciest wings.

So committed are they to providing premium chicken that they opened a Chicken University in Seoul to ensure their products are always at the forefront of innovation in terms of taste and texture. The success of BB.Q Chicken can be attributed to the company’s dedication to providing the greatest chicken possible and promoting Korean culture through the use of traditional cooking methods, novel flavors, and attentive service.

The first BB.Q Chicken restaurant in the Philippines is located at 2/F Central Square BGC in Taguig City, and it sells the most popular brand of chicken in all of Korea.


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