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Budgeting for today’s Generation

The winning formula

I’d like to quickly talk about budgeting.

Because whether you like it or not, that money that you put in your pocket will be gone in a minute or two if you don’t know how to budget.

Money X Travel

Traveling makes me happy. That’s correct because you discover new things, new places, new cultures. It also expands your knowledge of a lot of things — food, clothing, the kind of coffee they drink versus your local coffee.

All these travel experience brings memories that money can’t buy or can buy if you have the proper budgeting.

Money X Food

You’d like to share experiences. By putting up “Instagrammable” photos, you also inspire others to try new food discoveries. Plus, you also kind of promote that business to your friends.

Food makes your tummy happy, makes your friends happy (if you paid the bill) and, you help in the promotion of the business.

You get this “expense” from your pocket, that’s the bottom line.

Money X Gadgets

Did you get the latest iPhone? Of course, because why not!

By flashing the latest gadget, I can do a lot of things. A lot.
It becomes may all-in-one device of today. I can take photos and save travel memories, I can use it for my “Instagramable” food trips. I can reply to my office emails. Work on my worksheets, proposals, create content, make vlogs, Instagram stories, and a lot more.

It is awesome to have the latest gadgets today.

BDO x Budgeting

All the initial topics I discussed above involves money.


If you don’t have a job, a business, or a “sideline”, you can’t do traveling, can’t dine in the most chill place in the city, you can’t afford to buy that latest smartphone. You are broke.

That’s why I’d like to share this quick budgeting tip.

The money you get, whether from your salary, from a commission, or from that small online business you have IS NOT ALL YOURS.

That magic is in this formula: 10, 20, 70.

That’s 10%, 20%, and 70% to complete the whole 100%.

Simply put, if you have P1,000, the actual money that belongs to you is only P700 (70%). Because the 100 (10%) should go Tithes (read the Bible, it is there and that’s the real magic of this all. Malachi 3:10)

The 20% is the second most important part of budgeting. Because this will definitely make your retirement comfortable. The P200 from that P1,000 is for you to save. You MUST not spend it. It is your salary for yourself. You’ll save it with BDO Peso Money Market Fund. This is the real investment. Your money earns a certain interest while you let BDO do the “safekeeping”. You don’t have to worry about they invest your money because BDO has got the best professionals in the industry when it comes to investment.

What about the money for travel, food, and gadget?

This is where your creativity will work.

Break down the basic formula into what will work for you.

Take another 10% for your travel, another 10% for your gadget and so on.

Relative to this, I was fortunate to be invited to the webisode taping of the BDO Foundation’s advocacy on Financial Literacy. In the overview interview of Ali Sotto with BDO Foundation President Mario Deriquito he discussed how BDO Foundation is reaching out to important sectors of our society so that people will have the knowledge about the concept of saving, the concept of growing their savings through investments and entrepreneurship, protecting their investments from scams and other threats, BDOF have partnered with government agencies Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Department of Education (Dep-Ed) and Philippine Army.


This is a very admirable bank move in doing their share to contribute to solving social problems in partnership of course with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.


Do not spend your money that is not on your budget. Budget it first. Make that formula. Start with 10, 20 and 70 and modify it as you wish.

You’ll never be broke if you budget.

Finally, you won’t be broke if you invest in BDO’s investment portfolio. There’s so much they can offer because they always find ways for us their customers.


Tito Raffy

is the founder of Tech Patrol, a technology blog established in 2010. When he's not blogging, he dabbles in crypto chart reading and operates his e-Commerce business as a side hustle. You can reach him through his social media profiles below.

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  1. Budgetting is the most important task po talaga in everyday life. We need to be practical and be mindful about needs and wants. Hanggat kaya nating magtipid para sa ating kinabukasan.
    Thanks for this article Tito Spidey. Nowadays, some of the millenials don’t know the word Budget. This article can help them to realize how important the money is.

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