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TV Actress & Host Dianne Medina shares mother’s story at the Kalayaan ng Kababaihan mula sa Kanser

The “Kalayaan ng Kababaihan mula sa Kanser” Women’s Cancers Summit was hosted in June of this year in the Philippines by Hope from Within (HFW), a multi-stakeholder cancer advocacy organization that was led by MSD. The event was held in conjunction with the celebration of Independence Day. The purpose of the event was to draw awareness to the situation of women who are stricken with cancer, to encourage and inspire them, and to magnify their voices as they fight against the disease head-on.

Dianne Medina

Dianne Medina, who is also known as an actress and a host, was one of the distinguished visitors that graced the platform and recounted her tale. While discussing her own mother’s experience with breast cancer, she emphasized the need for early detection as one of the most effective methods for women to contribute in the fight against the disease.

She went on to recommend that women should be unafraid when it came to learning about their breast cancer condition. This included being thorough with their own breast self-exams as well as being proactive with their doctors in order to determine whether or not they have a higher risk of getting this disease.

Hope from Within will not stop fighting for every Filipino to have improved access to cancer treatment that is provided on an equal basis. This year, the call is for the full and proper implementation of the National Integrated Cancer Control Act (NICCA), which aims, among other things related to cancer, to provide cancer patients with quality health care services, to increase access to innovative treatment options, and to provide their families with financial risk protection. This year’s call comes at a particularly important time, as the NICCA is set to expire at the end of this year.


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