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Mondelez Philippines Encourages Mindful Snacking During The Holidays

People are snacking more and more, and it’s particularly common during the holidays. The goal of snack company Mondelez Philippines is to give people the tools they need to eat well this Christmas and beyond. Its goal is to be the leader in eating in the future by making sure people have the right snack at the right time. This is the right way to snack. In the Philippines, Mondelez Philippines has made sure that families can enjoy the snacks they love by making some of their favorite snacks.

Mondelez recently marked an important event: the 11th anniversary of its start-up around the world. To mark this important event, the Company recently held a celebration called Purpose Day. On this day, employees all over the world honor the Company’s goal to help people eat healthier snacks.

Snacking Mindfully

This year’s Purpose Day theme was “Mindful Snacking,” a way of snacking that aims to get everyone to snack with awareness and purpose. This way of snacking gives Mondelez Philippines’ customers the chance to snack better and enjoy their snacks more without having to choose between eating their favorite treats and snacking healthily.

“Our Purpose as a Company is to empower people to snack right. Consumers decide what and how they want to eat. We are interested in consumers’ snacking behaviors and constantly innovate to make sure they continue to taste the goodness of our snacks when they want a delicious, wholesome, nutritious or indulgent bite, made with ingredients and packaging they can feel good about,” said Mondelez Philippines Corporate and Government Affairs Lead, Caitlin Punzalan. “Research shows that people who eat mindfully have more pleasurable and satisfying eating experiences, have a positive relationship with food, are able to better manage their food portions, and are less likely to overeat.” 

A session with experts from the Nutritionist-Dietititans Association of the Philippines was recently held for workers of the Company to learn more about Mindfulness and Mindful Snacking. Some company workers also helped plant a food garden as part of the annual Servathon of the volunteering group Hands on Manila. This was done to help people snack and eat more mindfully.

Empower People to Snack Right

78% of people like to take their time while enjoying their favorite treats, according to the company’s State of Snacking Report 2022. This report helps the company understand how consumers will change in the future so it can keep up with the global snacking climate. Two-thirds of customers also say that instincts like their mood affect the snacks they choose, which means they are less rigid about their eating habits than they used to be.

“Nowadays, snacking occasions are common in our dietary patterns, and the application of mindful eating is relevant towards more sustainable snacking practices.” Added Punzalan, “As a leading snack company, we are dedicated to empowering consumers to make informed choices about their snacking habits. 

There are several steps to take in practicing Mindful Snacking. Mondelez Philippines suggests doing the following this holiday season:

Know what you want (emotional and functional needs).

Be aware of your portion size and moderate it, especially at parties and noche buena.

Enjoy and appreciate the snack with all senses (e.g. taste, feel, smell).

Be present in the moment. Avoid doom-scrolling on your phone while snacking this Christmas.

Be aware of your hunger, fullness, and satisfaction.

Reflect on your whole eating experience.

Mondelez Philippines aims to make, market, and help consumers enjoy its products mindfully – empowering them to choose the right snack for the right moment, made the right way. The Company encourages mindfulness in savoring each bite, thus experiencing more satisfaction in your snacking moments.

Want to snack more mindfully during the holidays? Learn more by visiting Mondelez International’s Mindful Snacking resource site at


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