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NAITAS Holiday Golf Shootout 2023 Promotes Golf Tourism in the Philippines

The National Association of Independent Travel Agencies (NAITAS) is happy to announce the NAITAS Holiday Golf Shootout 2023. This is a golf event that will be held on December 15, 2023, at the prestigious Club Intramuros in Manila. Its goal is to promote golf tourism in the Philippines.

More than 100 golfers from different clubs and organizations are set to take part in the event, which is meant to make the country even more of a golfing destination.

The Philippines has beautiful golf courses and scenery that will take your breath away. Golfers of all skill levels will have an unforgettable experience there.

The first event, the NAITAS Holiday Golf Shootout 2023, will try to promote variety of golf destinations in the Philippines and bring in golf fans from around the world.

NAITAS is grateful for the help of respected co-sponsors for this event, such as Zen Institute, AQA Entrasol, Diabetasol, and Fitbar. These businesses want to promote golf tourism in the Philippines just like NAITAS does, and they promise that everyone who takes part will have a great time. Also supporting the NAITAS Holiday Golf Shootout 2023 are Go Hotels, Sogo, Slimmer’s World, Converge, GENCYS, and WE RIDE. They are very important in making this event possible.

The NAITAS Holiday Golf Shootout 2023 looks like it will be a fun day with lots of friendly play. Golfers will be able to show off their skills on the beautiful fairways of Club Intramuros, which is a famous course known for its difficult shape and beautiful views.

Besides the golf competition, there will be many other things to do throughout the day, making sure that everyone has a fun time. People who come can look forward to a delicious buffet lunch, raffle gifts, and fun giveaways.

NAITAS is dedicated to making sure that all members are safe and healthy. The NAITAS Holiday Golf Shootout 2023 is both a celebration of golf and a show of how strong and determined the Philippine tourism business is. Even though there have been problems lately, NAITAS is still dedicated to promoting the Philippines as a top golfing location because of its beauty and potential.

You can email or call the NAITAS Secretariat at 09275380957 for more information and to sign up.

Don’t miss this chance to play golf in a way that you will never forget and help golf tourism grow in the Philippines.


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