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Reader’s Digest 25th Annual Awards Reveal The Brands And Personalities Filipinos Trust The Most in 2023

The annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards survey results are in!

On April 14, 2023, at 7 p.m., the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards will be given to the winners who have gathered at the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila Hotel to celebrate. Some of the top marketers and business leaders in the Philippines will be there to cheer on the success of the brands that consumers trust the most in the Philippines market right now. These innovative brands not only talk to their customers, but they also always do what they say they will do. Because of this, their customers trust them.

The Trusted Brands Survey is 25 years old this year, which makes this year’s awards extra special.

The results of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey have shown for the past 25 years in a row how important trust is in influencing consumer behavior. Brands, both old ones and new ones, are finding it harder and harder to gain and keep the trust of their customers. Also, it’s clear that a lack of trust in a brand or a loss of trust in a brand can be very bad for a business. If a brand doesn’t remember this, it could lose market share to a new player.

“Today’s consumers have high expectations of the brands they purchase goods and services from – high quality must be matched with value for money. Gaining a consumer’s trust in your brand takes years of careful planning, product research, dedicated ongoing customer service, and ultimately outstanding reliability and value. But this hard work pays off when a brand is recognised in the market as a Trusted Brand. Congratulations to all the brands celebrating success in this year’s Trusted Brands Awards,” says Reader’s Digest Editor-in-Chief, Louise Waterson.

The results of the Trusted Brands survey, which was done by a third party, will only be published in the Philippines Reader’s Digest issue for April 2023. Catalyst, a leading research company, surveyed 8,000, everyday consumers, in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. They asked each person which well-known brands of products and services they trust the most.

Twenty-five years ago, Reader’s Digest started the first Trusted Brands survey in Asia. Since then, the survey has grown from 11 categories to 50 categories in the Philippines markets.

Also celebrating today is an elite group of individuals who have won the coveted awards in the Most Trusted categories of Radio Presenter (Mike Enriquez), Entertainment & Variety Presenter (Vice Ganda), TV Host For News & Current Affairs (Atom Araullo) and Sportsperson (Alyssa Valdez).


One of the highlights of the 2023 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands awards is the list of the most trusted people in the following categories: Most Trusted News Presenter, Most Trusted Radio Presenter, Most Trusted Variety/Entertainment Presenter, and Most Trusted Sportsperson. The people Filipinos trusted the most were:

Most Trusted Radio Presenter

Mike Enriquez began his broadcasting career in radio in 1969, as a staff announcer at the Manila Broadcasting Company. Today, after over 50 years and countless roles across both the radio and television media, Mike is a national treasure, whose dedication and contribution to news reporting is much appreciated by his listeners and viewers across the GMA Network. Reader’s Digest is thrilled that Mike Enriquez has been voted Most Trusted Radio Presenter for 2023.

Most Trusted Entertainment & Variety Presenter

Vice Ganda makes people laugh, cry and ponder the irony and unfairness of modern life – his cultural impact makes him one of the country’s most successful entertainers. Vice is a national treasure whose influential voice is heard in politics, philanthropic circles, and, of course, as a much-loved comedian, entertainer and presenter. Vice uses his popularity to rally against the discrimination of minority groups. This only adds to his authenticity, something that has secured him respect and trust across all sectors of the community. This is the fifth year in a row that Vice has won this award.

Most Trusted TV Host For News & Current Affairs

Atom Araullo is well known for his broadcasting excellence as an anchor and correspondent of the GMA Network’s The Atom Araullo Specials. Atom’s drive for compelling documentaries on an array of social and environmental topics has seen him build a wide appeal with viewers and the Filipino public.

Most Trusted Sportsperson

The Queen of Philippine Volleyball, Alyssa Valdez has well over four million social media followers (two million on Snapchat alone), Alyssa holds the title of the world’s most-followed volleyball player. Her authentic approach to life in the sporting spotlight has helped cement an enviable level of public trust, and earned her the Most Trusted Sports Personality for 2023.


The award-winning Trusted Brands, outlined in the Reader’s Digest 25th annual survey, listen to customer concerns, sympathize with their situations and provide the necessary support and assistance to their customers because they appreciate these valued relationships.

Platinum Awards went to those brands that perform exceptionally, based on consumers’ perception. In the poll, these brands attained scores that exceed those of their nearest competitors. Some of the awardees were:

·         Broadband/Fiber Internet Services – PLDT Home Fiber;

·         Canned Tuna – Century Tuna;

·         Credit Card Issuing Banks – BDO Unibank;

·         Investment Fund Companies – Sun Life;

·         Life Insurance – Sun Life;

·         Mattress – Uratex;

·         Online Bank – BDO Unibank

·         Pen – Pilot;  

·         Personal Computers – Acer;

·         Pharmacies/Drugstores – Mercury Drug;

·         TV Network – GMA; and

·         Tires – Goodyear.

Gold Awards went to brands that had outstanding results, based on the perception of consumers. Some of the brands included in this list were:

·         Air Conditioner – Panasonic;

·         Canned Sardines – 555 Sardines;

·         Canned Sardines – Ligo;

·         Canned Tuna 555 Tuna;

·         Cooking Oils – Baguio Oil;

·         Facemasks – Indoplas;

·         Health Insurance – AXA;

·         Investment Fund Companies – BDO Unibank;

·         Life Insurance – AIA;

·         Milk Tea Shops – Macao Imperial Tea;

·         Optical Shops/Stores – Ideal Vision Center;

·         Personal/Consumer Loans – BDO Unibank;

·         Plasticware – Orocan;

·         Refrigerators – Panasonic;

·         Refrigerators – Sharp;

·         Travel Insurance – AXA;

·         TV Network – ABS-CBN;

·         Washing Machines – Panasonic;

·         Washing Machine – Sharp; and

·         Washing Machines – Whirlpool.


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