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RELX Vape now in the Philippines

Price starts P1,599

Properly pronounced as “RELAX”, Relx Vape is now available in the Philippines. And you can score it at your nearest convenience store.

Relx Vape Philippines

Targetting the Filipino adult smokers, Relx Vape intends to ditch conventional cigarettes in favor of a better and safer alternative that is of world-class quality at an affordable price.

Relx Vape China

“RELX, as it develops future-forward solutions to the world’s one billion adult smokers, now offers to the Philippines’ 15 million adult smokers a better and safer alternative to cigarette smoking through its affordable yet world-class product,” said Di Yang, RELX Director for Southeast Asia Business; in a press conference on September 20 (Friday) in Makati City.

Coming to the Philippines for the e-cigarette business would mean additional investment for the country, Yang said, including job generation for the Filipinos.

The executives of Relx told Tito Spidey that the Beijing-based company foresees at least 70-80% of the team members to be Filipinos in its Manila operation.

“We are also moving our global customer service to a business process outsourcing (BPO) in Manila. As our international business grows, the demand for BPO agents will increase too,” he pointed out.

relx sales

During the press conference, Yang took the opportunity to air his company’s view on the current regulatory environment: “We welcome regulations to ensure that the industry adopts good practices that can benefit the country. We would like to have the opportunity to work with the Philippine government to develop a progressive regulatory framework that best reduces the longstanding negative impact that smoking cigarettes have had on the Philippines.”

He, however, lamented that Administrative Order 2019-0007 issued by the Department of Health (DOH) and the proposed measures in Congress to heavily tax e-cigarettes are counterproductive.

RELX e-Cigarette is now present in more than 50 countries having 100% monthly sales growth.

RELX Starter Kit price is P1,599.

Where to buy Relx Vape e-Cigarette?

Relx e-cigarette will be available ni nearly, 2,000 7-Eleven stores and in 60+ Family Smart convenience store in the Philippines.


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