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SAMSUNG PH launches first Pop-up Restaurant using only one appliance

Feat: Samsung Smart Oven priced at P15,995

Samsung is showcasing its Smart Oven by utilizing it on their first-ever pop-up restaurant in Robinson Magnolia.

There is no denying that with today’s super busy life, it is hard to prepare healthy dishes at home. Most of us would opt for instant ready-to-heat meals, which may not be the most healthy choice.

Samsung’s Smart Oven aims to make mealtime easier by introducing cooking innovation and a solution for quick and healthy meals that can adapt to anyone’s lifestyle.

To showcase its culinary capabilities, Samsung has put up a pop-up smart kitchen for the mall-goers and media representatives at Robinsons Magnolia.

“We developed the idea of setting up this pop-up restaurant because we wanted people to experience first-hand what the Smart Oven can do,” says Household Appliance Group Head Mon Medina. “Homemakers don’t need to go to a culinary school to start cooking or have the fanciest ingredients to create a scrumptious meal.”

A live cooking demo was held to guide the guests with how easy it is to cook a meal using the Samsung Smart Oven.

During the live demo, the chef was able to prepare Steamed Zesty Garlic Shrimp, Ribeye steak, and Baked Apple Cobbler, using just one appliance.

The Samsung Smart Oven is a 6-in-1 kitchen partner that can produce virtually any dish with its HotBlast technology that reduces cooking times significantly.

The Samsung Smart Oven has “Cooke with Ease Presets” to help users prepare meals swiftly. It has Grill function as well and Slim-fy technology which for cooking meals with less oil.

With the Smart Oven, homemakers, young professionals, and even students living in condos can feel the joy of cooking healthier meals with just one appliance.

How much is the Samsung Smart Oven?

There are two models to choose from. The 35-Liter Smart Oven MC35J8088LT/TC is priced at P29,995 and the 32-Liter Smart Oven MC32K7055KT/TC is priced at P15,995.


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