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Shakey’s brings a whole new chicken experience with their NEW Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers!

Filipinos love the traditional fried chicken with the bone in. Normal bone-in fried chicken has become a go-to for ordering or eating, but Shakey’s is here to step up the fried chicken game with a new experience.

Shakey’s NEW Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers are now available!

The outside of Shakey’s Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers is crunchy and makes your mouth water. The inside is deliciously juicy and tender.

These chicken fingers are made from real, lean chicken tenderloins that are hand-battered in a special breading and then fried until golden brown. Each piece is a solid, crunchy bite full of all the good things about fried chicken.

And because there are no bones in these chicken fingers, they are great to eat on the go, either as a snack or with your favorite Shakey’s pizza. No bones, no bother! Shakey’s serves their Tender Crunch Chicken Fingers with a vegan BBQ dipping sauce to complete the experience.

Shakey’s Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers come in 6 pieces for P249 and 10 pieces for P399.

Starting July 18, 2023, this item will be available nationwide at all Shakey’s locations. Available through the Shakey’s Super App, Hotline, and website to eat in, take out, or have delivered!


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