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United Neon Unveils Larger-than-Life Integrated 3D Digital Billboards in BGC

Only a few weeks remain before Christmas when United Neon, the nation’s pioneer in out-of-home advertising, debuted the first integrated 3D digital billboard in Southeast Asia and the Philippines—a larger-than-life display.
They debuted the nation’s first 3D Naked Eye digital billboard at the same location on 5th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City a year prior, and that campaign won them an award from the esteemed Philippine Marketing Association.

This year, United Neon treated the public to a taste of the wonders of an integrated 3D digital billboard with a world-class visual spectacular splattered over a 400 square meter screen. Amidst collective gasps and shrieks of excitement from the audience, the enormous screens at the unveiling revealed a small city and took the audience on a delightful journey on a moving Christmas train filled with gifts.

“Many of us have marvelled at the 3D digital billboards of Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, New York and other cosmopolitan cities around the world and United Neon is pleased to bring for the first time here in the Philippines the same creative, interactive and highly-experiential platform for everyone,” said Benjamin Lim, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of United Neon.

Outside of the entertainment value that the integrated 3D digital billboard provides, Lim said that this is an effective platform for brands to connect with their audience given the continuously evolving consumer behavior.

As stated by Lim, “BGC is the melting pot of different socio-economic classes, different cultures, and it has become the center of innovation and business in the Philippines,” therefore it was an obvious option to host the nation’s first integrated 3D billboard. There is no better place in Southeast Asia to display the most cutting-edge screens than BGC.
Lim also conveyed his appreciation to the SSI Group and the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC), their partners.


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